Friday, April 8, 2011

Extra lobe in the liver does this mean my kid can be a super drinker

How quickly the day flies. And here I thought being on maternity leave would be all about unstructured time. I basically come in to the hospital pump, feed, cuddle and then try to grab food in between to do it again. But she is totally worth it. And she puts up with me and my experienced feeding. But we are both learning. M on the other hand feeds her like a pro, I guess working with animals helps. Although he is still nowhere to be found when there is a diaper to be changed. Although today he has a valid excuse as he went back to work. So Miss C has to put up with mom feeding her.

Last night we got a bathing demo which was lots of fun. Pictures to follow. I know I keep saying that but I think I have a valid excuse. I still can't get over her attitude in all this. She really isn't a fussy baby, and although at first we chalked it up to the morphine she was on, she is no longer on it and still manages to sooth her self. Her favourite state is being all bundled up, there truly is something to swaddling them tight.

But yes back to the liver thing. Well they did an ultrasound, the other day and informed us that she has an extra lobe to her liver. What this means we are unsure yet. The gut doctors have been consulted but there will have to be a follow up in two weeks. For now it is not an issue so we are hopeful it will continue to not be an issue. Maybe all it will mean is that she will have a super liver. You learn to just deal with news like this and just keep focusing on the good points. Again right now no one feels it is an issue. On the bright side when she was born they thought one of her legs was at a funny angle but after the bone doctor was consulted he feels that it may have been something transit. Meaning he doesn't see it now and her legs are fine. Did I mention how glad I am to have a science background. Honestly it truly does help to understand things.

Okay break time over, back to work now. Someone needs cudles.


  1. Happy one week birthday Miss Ceilidh!

  2. Oh good news about her hip/leg!
    Logically, if M's doing most of the "input", shouldn't you be dealing with most of the "output"? Hahaha just trying to stir the pot! ;-)

  3. Don't forget who else needs cuddles...YOU! Congrats and LOVE YOU LOTS!

  4. I'm a lawyer in Boston and I'm trying a case where a 3 y/o girl died from a twisted accessory liver lobe. She was born with omphalocele containing the right lobe of her liver. The accessory liver lobe was was not anchored, twisted and she died. You need to have this carefully examined by enteric and intravenous dye CT scan and have a very good pediatric surgeon advise you on how to proceed. Good luck and God bless.